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Redesigning Spaceship's registration process

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Sometimes, when reading articles about how rich people make money, I wonder if I could do the same. So one time, I decided to invest in stock market. That was when the market crashed because of the COVID-19 outbreak, which is not too long ago. I saw the opportunity to invest as stock price was very low.

I found an Australian investment app called Spaceship. The app makes it more accessible and transparent for users to invest in diversified portfolios. For those who are not finance geeks, this might be the app for you. And not to mention, the UI is quite pleased to look at too. I got super excited when downloading Spaceship and was ready to make some money.

When starting the app, before I can actually invest any money in the app, I had to go through the onboarding process and one of which is to register yourself with an official ID. This is where I got stuck! I can imagine it would not be a problem for those who are Australian citizens, which is not my case. I registered as a permanent resident. And I found some glitches with the app as well as other UX issues.

Check my analysis below and see if you agree.

Disclaimer: This is what I found back in April. Hopefully, Spaceship would fix these issues by now.

Below is the process of registering using a Medicare card at the time when I was using the app.

As I unsuccessfully registered using my Medicare, I switched to registering with my passport. And the process was like this:

It was a very frustrated process and I tried numerous times. I restarted the app, or even deleted it and installed the app again. Still no progress!

At the same time, I realised that I could redesign or improve this process, at least to make the experience better. Turned out it was a good UX exercise for me!

Below is my design for the case of users verify with Medicare card. I labelled the text field to indicate clearly what information is needed

This is the design for the case of when users verify with passport. Apart from including labels for every input format, I think it's important to allow user to check all of their input again before proceed to the next stage. That saved the users time to correct any mistake again if the app cannot verify the users due to errors of inputing data.

Instead of scrolling through to find your country of passport, the user could type in the field manually. There would be a drop down menu of suggested countries based when the input typed in. It helps minimise the risk of missing out the country that the user wants if he/she scrolls too fast.

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